Interim city manager Andy Joslin is now officially city manager after council approved his appointment on Oct. 27. 

"I'm honored by the appointment," Joslin said. "It's testament to the good work we have done up to this point."

Joslin is no stranger to city challenges. He was a city manager for five years for the City of Floresville and also has 19 years experience in law enforcement including assistant police chief for Floresville. He was hired as a contract worker as Interim city manager for Alice on March 10.

"I appreciate the opportunity," Joslin said. "My goal is to prove to the citizens that I deserve this position."

Strategic Plan 

Joslin have been working diligently with his directors of each department to put together a strategic plan. Part of that plan includes financial stability, effective operations and establishing best policies and procedures.

He has five goals set in place he instills with each department head in order to have a strong and diverse economy, a safe and secure community, thriving neighborhoods, well-managed city and have good stewardship of the city's physical assets.

"It starts from the top," he said. "We are going to stick with a monthly report of all activities and have quarterly adjustments." 

Tax increase 

Joslin said he understands the residents' concern with the new tax rate and raising of taxes. The months before leading to the budget approval, difficult decisions of salary cuts and hiring freezes were discussed and implemented on Oct. 1. 

He said he sympathizes with the residents. 

"It's going to have to be prioritizing your lifestyle," Joslin said. "We both sympathize and empathize with the citizens. Tax increases has affected all of us."

Joslin said the city raised taxes and refinanced the city's debt in order to get back on track and decrease taxes next year.

Natatorium and Water Park 

Joslin is hoping to utilize the natatorium and water park to garner more businesses to locate on the west side, seek private partnerships.

He said with any new business, the first few years is one of the toughest.

"It's going to continue to be hard work and collaboration with the community and city to help it succeed," he said. "The first year is always the roughest. We will continue to move forward."

Working together

Joslin stressed the importance of working together to push out any negative stigma in order to keep the city in the right path.

"Negativity is the biggest obstacle, we have to put our difference aside," he said. "Alice is not the only city to face adversity or crisis."