During several meetings, Alice City Council has been busy with several issues, including the resignation of longtime Councilman Michael Esparza, the appointment of businessman Pete Crisp and the hiring of Interim City Manager Andy Joslin. 

1. In the most recent council meeting on Oct. 27, Alice City Council introduced businessman Pete Crisp to the panel. He had already taken the Oath of Office days prior to the meeting. Crisp read an acceptance letter stating he would do his best to serve.

2. In the same Oct. 27 meeting, Interim City Manager Andy Joslin was hired as the official City Manager. Council was in executive session for several hours. Joslin's pay of $100,000 annually would stay the same. As a city employee, he will now receive city benefits.

"I would rate myself a seven," Joslin said. "I've been able to make extreme headway in our financial department that's consumed a lot of my time...to provide better services to the citizens."

3. In the Oct. 21 meeting, longtime Councilman Michael Esparza resigned as council member, Place 1. He cited his family as the reason for resigning. Esparza and his wife are expecting their first child and he wants to spend more time with his family. 

4. In that same Oct. 21 meeting, the council got heated after the appointment and approval by the majority of businessman Pete Crisp to replace Esparza. Words were exchanged between Councilman Ron Burke and Mayor Ike Ornelas, during which Councilman Pete Beltran called the mayor a "bully." It appeared Ornelas was not happy with the appointment of Crisp. In rebuttal of Oct. 21st heated outbursts, Burke read a statement at the Oct. 27 meeting saying he was not going to tolerate such behavior by any council member or mayor and the "belittling" must stop.