In a few hours the children of Alice and surrounding communities will be out trick-or-treating. The Alice Police Department wants parents and children to keep some safety tips in mind this Halloween.

Parents make sure your child's costume is visible at night.

Consider wearing a glow stick or flashing lights on the costume.

Children should never go trick or treat alone always have an adult with you.

Never go into a stranger’s house or even ring the doorbell unless an adult is with you.

Never get into a stranger’s vehicle, no matter what the person tells you.

Be careful when you cross the street. Make sure you look both directions to ensure there are no vehicles approaching.

Plan a safe trick or treating route so that parents know where their older kids are at all times.

Please remember not to eat candy until it has been checked by a parent.

Be Aware of Sex Offenders in our area. Information on Sex Offenders can be located

Law enforcement reminds sex offenders about the laws in place in Texas during Halloween such as no lights or decorations, passing put candy and no driving after dark except for work or in case of an emergency.