Nearly $1,000 and approximately 252 grams of synthetic marijuana was located in a home on the 1300 block of Edith Drive during a raid Wednesday.

At approximately 1 a.m. Law Enforcement officers with the Alice Police Department, Jim Wells County Sheriff's Department and the Central South Texas Criminal Investigative Unit entered the residence and located a married couple and their four children. Officers made contact with Noe Gonzales, 23, and immediately detained him until further investigation.

Gonzales told the officers there were no narcotics in the home however, the officers located 25 bags of synthetic marijuana and two digital scales inside an air condition vent on the floor of the residence, according to Sgt. Nick Juarez's report.

Also found was a total of $995 believed to be from the sale of narcotics due to the the couples not having steady employment.

According to Juarez's report, Gonzales told officers his wife did not know of the narcotics.

At the police station Gonzales explained to officers how he sold the synthetic marijuana for different prices depending on the amount wanted by the buyer.

Gonzales was taken to the JWC jail. He was charged with manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance and four charges of endangerment of a child.

Child Protective Services was notified of the situation.

Gonzales was given a total bond of $30,000. He was released on Wednesday at 10 a.m.