San Diego - Approximately 300 bags of school supplies were given out to the students of San Diego ISD Tuesday morning.

With the communities help and donors like First State Bank of San Diego, Ernest Garza from Ernest R. Garza Company, P.C., CPA, Attorney David Towler, TRAC Committee, Lowe's Markets, Community Action Corporation of South Texas, Councilwoman Agapita Luna, Cora Carrillo and Elma Martinez the police department gathered school supplies for 388 students.

“On behalf of myself and the police department we are thankful for the donations from the community,” said Police Chief Richard Nava. “We are glad to help. A big thank you to Mayor Rupert Canales III, Mary Gilliam and Johanna Morin for taking their time to buy and distribute the school supplies.”

The extra school supplies will be donated to the school on the first day of the new school year.