Robstown ISD Board of Directors has been declared one of five finalists for the 2016 Texas School Board of the Year. The board was nominated by Superintendent Dr. Maria Vidaurri to recognize their efforts in raising standards for the students of Robstown. The announcement was made publicly during a press conference on the morning of August 3.

“Everyone in this room has helped us get to where we are now. I want to thank the school board for always putting students first,” said Dr. Vidaurri. According to the superintendent, Robstown ISD has raised itself from an improvement required district to a MET standard district in less than three years. She stated that 100 percent of this year's senior class has applied to college and that scholarships grew from only $150 thousand to $1 million. “Because of our board, our students are ready to start and prepared to finish,” said Vidaurri.

Dr. Rick Alvarado was also on hand to offer congratulations to the board. “I'm so excited that Robstown ISD applied, because they have an amazing story of student success,” said Alvarado, who is the Executive Director of the Education Service Center, Region 2. “This is amazing, it has been over a decade since a school district from Region 2 has made the honor board.”

According to Alvarado, the five Texas honor board districts will attend the TASA/TASB convention in Houston at the end of September. At that time, board members will be interviewed by the award committee and the Texas School Board of the Year will be selected. The winning board will then be entered into the running for the nationwide school board of the year.

All of the seats were filled in the boardroom and several people were standing in order to congratulate the board members for the award. “I'm so proud of our board, they had a tough job showing the citizens of Robstown that what they were doing was in the best interest of the students,” said Dr. Vidaurri. “It is so rewarding to see their hard work on display for the community to see”