Five out of six Alice Independent School District's school board members approved a pay increase for approximately 700 employees during the special board meeting on Friday.

The board had recently discussed the pay increase that would provide a one percent increase for employees.

According to officials, teachers, paraprofessionals and the auxiliary staff will receive a $400 increase per year starting this upcoming school year.

According to school officials, the money for the pay increases is already in the budget.

Each year the school does not use their entire budget and the left over amount will go towards the $200,000 increase, according to officials.

School board member Marc Dominguez voted against the increase because he felt administrators and principals should have a raise to their salaries as well.

Not all employees are eligible for the pay increase. According to officials, the employee must be with the district more than 90 days to receive a pay increase.

Before the pay increase was approved Alice ISD was going into the 2016-2017 school year with an estimated deficit of $4,314,902.