The turmoil around the world brought local law enforcement and their families together as the community honored the men and women in uniform who protect the community everyday not knowing what awaits them.

On Friday night, the Knights of Columbus 3169 threw a gathering to show and thank law enforcement for their dedication as they continue to protect the community.

Officers received a blessed St. Michael medallion to protect them every day especially in the intense situations they face as they walked through the doors of the KC Hall.

Raul G. Salinas, native of Alice, Laredo Mayor and retired law enforcement officer, spoke to officers reminding them of what the badge means.

"Officers face a lot of challenges everyday," Salinas said. "They are often the forgotten unsung heroes."

Officers put on their uniforms, say goodbye to their families not knowing if they'll return after their shift has ended, he stated.

Salinas reminded the officers in attendance and their families that law enforcement in today's society live in a divided society; that they not only have to worry about foreign terrorism but also domestic terrorism.

"The unsung heroes, members of law enforcement, run into the problem while others are running away," he stated.

Law enforcement and everyone from the clerk to the dispatcher understand that every call is a potential danger.

Growing up with a father in law enforcement Father Julian Cabrera of St. Joseph Catholic Church knew and saw the respect towards law enforcement, towards the "giants."

"These are the giants we need to respect...We need to teach our children to respect officers," Cabrera stated. "When we lose respect for the giants we begin to have chaos. The chaos we've seen in Dallas, Louisiana and other places."

Officers should be respected and we must teach our children, he continued.

"We don't stand behind you, we stand with you," said Servando Garza Jr., Knights of Columbus. "There are no words to describe how grateful we are to have you to protect this beautiful city of ours."