A routine traffic stop on Wednesday was conducted on the 600 block of South Business 281. Officers observed a gray 2001 Dodge Stratus fail to maintain a single lane among several other violations. Contact was made with the female driver who was crying. Justin Lopez, was the passenger of the vehicle, was asked to exit the vehicle.

Through the roadside interview consent was obtained to search the vehicle. During the search a small bag with three pills was located. According to Lopez, he had a prescription for the Xanax pills just not with him at the time.

Lopez was arrested and transported to the Jim Wells County jail. He was charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Parked in the street

A parked car in the middle of Reynolds and Fifth Street caught the attention of officers on Tuesday. Officers made contact with Adriana Flores who stated she had been drinking.When Flores stepped out of the vehicle Officer Julian Cavazos observed three open containers of alcohol in the center console and cup holders. The front passenger, Joe Michael Flores was approached. An assisting officer located a bag with synthetic marijuana and cocaine inside a folded $10 bill. Adriana and Joe Michael were transported to the JWC jail. Adriana was charged with driving while intoxicated, open container and possession of a controlled substance. Joe Michael was charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Stolen vehicle

Cpl. Julian Barrera was dispatched to a business on the 2000 block of Dr. NW Atkinson Boulevard on Monday evening in reference to a stolen vehicle. When he arrived he made contact with the reporting party who stated someone had stolen a black Nissan Altima from the impound lot. According to the reporting party, Jerry Vickers had made a call to the business earlier in the day asking how he could get his vehicle, but never showed up during business hours.

The reporting party closed up and when he returned to check on the property he noticed the rear gate was run down and forced open. There were tire tracks leading from where Vickers' vehicle was parked towards the gate.

Officers were notified of the stolen vehicle and later located Vickers. Vickers was arrested on the 1300 block of Lincoln. He was taken to the JWC jail and charged with criminal mischief and criminal trespass.