Two kids from Arizona have decided to send homemade Thank You cards to law enforcement officers across the nation.

Recently 7-year-old Caleb Benedetto and 9-year-old Taylor Benedetto with the assistance of their father, Leonard Benedetto sent their Thank You cards to the Alice Police Department.

The summer project goal for Caleb and Taylor is to reach as many officers as possible throughout the nation.

Police Departments are taking pictures on the children's Facebook page with pictures of their cards.

In October 2015, Taylor came up with the idea to collect police patches as a way of showing their support for Law Enforcement but also to create something for their rooms for motivation as they grow, according to Leonard's letter to police.

To date, the children have more than 650 patches in their collection, and have met officers from their hometown and Phoenix.

In January, Taylor and Caleb started to raise funds for police K9's that are in need of protective vests. According to Leonard, the children have raised more than $2,100 for two vests for K9's with the Mesa PD in Arizona.

Leonard thanked the officer for their hard work, dedication in defending and keeping communities safe, and doing an amazing job fighting each day to protect the citizens.