During the Alice Independent School District's school board budget workshop on Tuesday district officials announced the 2016-2017 estimated deficit would fall by $1,749,994.

The district has made several cutbacks in the last school year in the hopes to relieve some of there debt. After cutting back on utility costs, closed positions, and campus or debt allocations which totaled $1,750,000 the estimated deficit for the 2016-2017 school year will be $4,314,902, according to the district.

Due to the local economy's downfall many families including 165 students have moved to find work.

Alice ISD's general fund is funded primarily between local property taxes and state revenues. Through the state's funding, a school district receives money for each student that attends the district. The district also acquires additional money for each child that receives services such as special education, gifted and talented and bilingual students.

The school receives approximately 43 percent of local revenue such as property taxes. However, the property values have decrease since the 2013-2014 school year by -$3,750,000, according to the district.

Teachers salary plan was reviewed at the workshop. The district compare itself to Calallen and Flour Bluff ISD's due to the similar size in students and employees.

According to the district, depending on the number of years with Alice ISD teachers receive about average pay compared to the district's in the area.

School officials recommend to increase teacher starting salary by $1,500 making the salary to $38,500. and to provide continuing teachers and non-teachers one percent general pay increase of $475 a year.

Other recommendations to the board was the replace of 17 current faculty members.