Humana Honors First State Bank of San Diego for engaging employees in achieving best health

First State Bank of San Diego, which has served the banking and financial needs of residents of Duval and Jim Wells counties since 1954, has received a Humana Thriving Together Award for engaging its employee workforce in a culture of health and well-being.

The award from Humana Inc. (NYSE: HUM), one of the country’s leading health and well-being companies, was recently presented to bank President and CEO Dale Wilson recognizing First State Bank of San Diego for achieving one of the best wellness engagement rates in the country.

“The Humana Thriving Together Award honors First State Bank of San Diego for engaging 80 percent or more of its 17 employees in personalized health behaviors,” said Beth Bierbower, President of the Group Segment for Humana. “Humana is pleased to honor First State Bank for the considerable time and energy dedicated to make wellness a priority, building a culture of well-being that will help employees live healthier lives.”

First State Bank recognized several years ago that adopting a wellness and engagement program would help manage claims costs while also improving employee health and productivity. The company integrated its standard medical plan with Humana’s wellness solutions last year in an effort to personalize wellness and encourage and incentivize behavior change in its employees and their families.

“I am so proud of the dedication our employees have made in making lifestyle choices that help take control of not only their own health but their family’s as well,” said Wilson. “Establishing a defined culture of wellness with Humana has most certainly impacted the health, well-being and productivity of our employees.”

“We thank Mr. Wilson and his employees for being leaders in supporting good health,” said Bierbower. “That effort supports Humana’s enterprise goal to help people achieve their best health and make every community we serve 20 percent healthier by 2020.”