Alice Municipal Court will have court on Friday, June 24 with Judge Edelia Gonzalez-Lemon presiding. Offenses range from minors driving to city ordinance- using cell phones while driving.

Some of the cases are:

Jason Cesar Aguilar for non-guardian permitted unlicensed driver to drive Matthew Noel Cantu for unrestrained child under 8 years of age or 4' 9” tall Clarencio Elizondo for city ordinance – use of wireless device while driving Oscar Eduardo Flores for possession of drug paraphernalia Thomas A. Gallegos for minor in possession of tobacco Jesus Palacios for two counts of sex offender offenses Juan Manuel Pena for possession of drug paraphernalia Osiel Enrique Torres for speeding in a school zone 44 miles per hour in a 20 mph zone Reminder these are just some of the cases for Friday.