The 11th annual Jim Wells County Ag Fair kicked off on Wednesday at the Jim Wells County Fairgrounds with 981 fourth grade students and 51 teachers from Alice, Orange Grove, Premont, San Diego, Freer, Ben Bolt and Falfurrias attended.

Students attended sessions on lectures on agriculture by Nelda L. Barrera with the Texas Department of Agriculture in McAllen.

Barrera stressed the importance of thanking the ranchers and famers in the area and in Texas for the products they produce.

“If we didn't have farmers and ranchers we wouldn't have food and other products needed for us to survive,” Barrera stated.

Barrera informed the students about the different products grown in Texas and also had a small demonstration on how a burger is made.

Other sessions the students attended were on Texas agriculture products and nutrition, cotton and feed grains, livestock, wildlife, and environmental and natural resources.