During routine patrol Officer Julian Cavazos observed a vehicle on Tuesday morning with a defective headlight on Sidbury and Reynolds. The vehicle came to a stop and the officer made contact with Juan Escamilla who attempted to put a small plastic bag in his mouth. The officer pulled out his taser and Escamilla threw the bag out the window upon command. Escamilla was arrested. Inside the bag was two smaller bags; one with marijuana and one with heroin. Escamilla was charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana. He was taken to the Jim Wells County jail.

Officers chase suspects

On Monday Officer Cavazos and Officer Nick Reyes were on patrol when they saw two men walking and decided to make contact due to the recent burglaries. When the officers attempted to make contact with the men they ran off towards the 700 block of North Johnson. Michael Villanueva was apprehended after he jumped the fence. The second subject, Michael Soliz, had gone inside a trailer home and Officer Reyes attempted to get him out of the bathroom. Soliz became combative with the officer. Villanueva and Soliz were charged with evading arrest and resisting arresting.

Car chase

Anthony Lugos was arrested on Monday when an officer attempted to conducted a traffic stop. The officer activated his emergency lights however, Lugos continued. He lead the officer from Seventh Street down several neighborhood such as Kentucky and Fourth Street. Lugos finally stooped on Fifth Street. He exited the vehicle yelling at the officer. Lagos was placed under arrest for evading with a motor vehicle.

Intoxicated female arrested

Officers received a call on Monday in reference to a intoxicated woman on the 1100 block of North Texas Boulevard. An officer made contact with Marissa Rodriguez who matched the description of the woman. She had a strong odor of alcohol and was placed under arrest. The officer took a quick look into Rodriguez's vehicle and saw, in plain sight, a small bag of marijuana and an opened beer can. Rodriguez was taken to the JWC jail and charged with public intoxication and possession of marijuana.

Traffic stop arrest

A routine traffic stop Saturday near Rankin and King landed one man in jail for possession of a controlled substance. Officer Ivanna Munoz made contact with Robert Ramirez. A pat down of Ramirez uncovered a cigarillo wrapper with a bag of black tar heroin in his pocket. Ramirez was transported to the Jim Wells County jail.

Two arrested for possession

Two men were arrested on Saturday on the 800 block of Loma. Officer Herman Arellano made contact with the driver and his passengers. The officer was notified that Samuel Garcia, passenger, had a warrant for a burglary that occurred in April. A search of the vehicle uncovered a pack of synthetic marijuana, a blunt, a scale and a pair of brass knuckles. Another passenger, Juan Davila took ownership of the narcotics and paraphernalia. Garcia and Davila were taken to the JWC jail.

At the officer detected a strong odor of marijuana when he opened the back door of his unit and found a pink paper with smoked “roaches” behind the seat where Garcia sat. Garcia was charged with the warrant and possession of a controlled substance. Davila was charged with possession of a controlled substance and prohibited weapon.

Fight at local business

Officer Roel Escamilla was dispatched on Friday to the 1700 block of Matt Murphy for a fight in progress. Upon arrival the officer met with several people including the manager who stated Alysa Miranda Zarate was yelling at a customer over custody issues. During the course of the argument, Zarate hit a 9-year-old child and her mother. Zarate was arrested for assault causing bodily injury family violence and injury to a child. She was taken to the JWC jail.

Officer arrests pedestrian

Genaro A. Contreras was arrested on the 600 block of Beckman on Saturday in the area of South Almond and Beckman. The officer made contact with Contreras due to a string of burglaries in the city. Contreras had a bag of cocaine in his pocket. He was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance. He was transported to the JWC jail.