Freer – Seven Norman Thomas Elementary students will head to Tennessee for their chance to compete at the Destination Imagination (DI) Globals Competition in May.

For the Freer Independent School District Destination Imagination is new. This is the first year the district has had teams participate. In February, students from Alice, San Diego, Freer and Robstown competed at Regionals, winners then traveled to Dallas on April 2 for State competition where only one of the local teams advanced to Globals.

“We are making history here,” said Izabella Lane, DI participant. “We didn't think we'd make it and then we got first in Regionals, and then State and now Globals. Something that no one has done here in Freer.”

The team includes Ruecker Garcia, Madison Lopez, Kadrian Perez, Keon Torres, Matthew Carballeira, Cortlynn Hinjosa and Izabella Lane.

“We are all new to DI,” said Co- Manger Sylvia P. Hinojosa. “We read the rules, asked questions and hoped that we did the best possible.”

DI is a problem-solving organization where students show off their creativity and talents. Students must make and design their own scripts, props and costumes without adult interference.

Students use boxes, fabric, duct tape and paint, for example, to make props and costumes. Students pick a theme approved by DI instructors. They must use their math, science and critical thinking skills to solve problems.

The Mighty Seven placed seventh at State. The team is nervous and excited about their advancement to Globals, said Managers Sylvia P. Hinojosa and Paula Serrato.

“When they announced that we were going to Globals we were shocked,” Lane stated. “It's still hard to believe.”

The team defeated the odds of first year DI participants, Sylvia P. Hinojosa said.

“The community and our friends are supporting us,” said Cortlynn Hinojosa. “We learned teamwork. We think that we should've gotten first place (at State) because we can do better.”

Now, the team will review their scores from Regionals and State to determine what they need to work on in their challenge.

“We need to see what worked for us and what didn't,” Lane said. “Change what we need to and continue to practice.”

The students have built confidence that one can see outside of the DI team that has changed their lives, Serrato said.

The team is hoping to fly to Tennessee for the week long competition where they will compete with kids from around the world.