Local students have traveled to Anna, Texas for the Destination Imagination (DI) State Tournament on April 2.

Alice, San Diego, Freer and Robstown Independent School District made the approximately six hour drive to compete against teams from all over Texas for a chance to go to Globals in Tennessee.

DI is a problem-solving organization where students show off their creativity and talents. Students must make and design their own scripts, props and costumes without adult interference.

Students use boxes, fabric, duct tape and paint, for example, to make props and costumes. Students pick a theme approved by DI instructors. They must use their math, science and critical thinking skills to solve problems.

Teams include Collins-Parr Elementary School's Mindblowers, the Take Downs from Norman Thomas Elementary in Freer, Freer Junior High School's Nutty Bunch, Alice ISD Noonan Elementary School's Diamonds, the MVP's from Freer Junior High, DI Dramatics from Alice ISD Dubose Intermediate School, the Super Thinkers from Saenz Elementary, Fantastic Creative Thinkers of Salazar Elementary, William Adam Middle School's DI is Us, and Robstown ISD's Justin and the Weevilettes.

Other teams ready for the chance to advance are Distroyers from Collins-Parr Elementary, Driscoll Elementary School's DI Team, Bernarda Jaime Junior High's DI Phoenix, The Mighty Seven from Freer Norman Thomas Elementary, and the Hillcrest Elementary Imaginators, and Freer Junior High's Run or DI.

Teams will perform and then anxiously await for the results that will determine their DI journey.

Good Luck to all students participating!