Two individuals were arrested on Tuesday afternoon during the execution of a narcotic warrant by Alice Police Department with the assistance of the Duval County Sheriff's Office.

The Special Weapons And Tactics team entered a residence on the 700 block of North Reynolds and found Jerry Davis, 36, Lisa Cadena, 33, and a child.

Davis was arrested immediately and read his rights.

According to Cpl. Nick Juarez, Davis cooperated with the officers as he took them around the residence pointing out the narcotics.

Officers seized $1,138 of cash, 33 grams of cocaine, four grams of Xanax, 96 grams of marijuana, a scale, a spoon with cocaine residue and a stolen Yeti was recovered.

According to Juarez, Davis took ownership of the narcotics and the child was released to a family member.

Davis was charged with manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance and child endangerment.

Cadena was charged with child endangerment.

The suspects were transported to the Jim Wells County jail.