San Diego - During the regular San Diego Independent School District board meeting the council approved the amendment of the the 2015-2016 school calendar to match the new state law.

According to school board members, the new law, House Bill 2610, states that children will not be according to how many days are in the school year but instead on how many minutes the school year is.

Due to change the Texas Education Code no longer defines 180 days of instruction as the required school year. The requirement has changed to a 75,600 minutes of instruction. Each school day should have at least 420 minutes.

“The new calendar shows that kids will have more days off especially days that we don't always celebrate,” SDISD Superintendent Dr. Samuel Bueno. “The teachers are excited. With this calendar they have more time to work on staff developments instead of having them all together at the beginning of the school year.”

According to Bueno, after the May testing students will get a four instructional day week while the staff continues on the five day work week. On the fifth day, teachers can use that time to move into the new Bernarda Jaime Junior High which is expected to be competed by April 20.

The school board also approved the 2016-2017 school year calendar.