Law enforcement officers respond to calls daily that are not always pretty from car accidents, to domestic abuse cases, but when one Alice Police Officer responded to a burglary call he made a difference in the lives of four children.

On Thursday at approximately 5:30 p.m., Officer Jesse Garza started his shift he responded to a burglary call. When he arrived at the residence Garza learned that the home had be burglarized and the thieves had taken two television sets.

As he talked to the victim and the children in the home, he learned that the victim was raising her nieces and nephews.

“The kids were bummed,” Garza said. “I learned about the family and as I talked to the girl who was about 11 I became impressed. I also felt bad that the someone would take their TV.”

Garza called his wife, a few friends and Walmart.

Walmart told Garza that they would make him a deal on a new television for the family.

 In a matter of hours, Garza showed up at the residence with a new TV for the family.

“I purchased the TV and took it to the family,” Garza said. “It felt right to help the family out.”