San Diego - The smell of wet paint signifies the progress that is being made at the new Bernarda Jaime Junior High and on schedule for completion for the 2016-2017 school year.

The San Diego school board received a stats update on the new school's progress.Ceiling and flooring have been installed. Wall are painted, cabinets, boards and some furniture has been set in classrooms that will seat six, seven and eighth graders.

“Tile has been put in but is temporarily covered as workers continue the school's construction,” said Albert Soto with LaMarr Womac Arhitects.

Doors are locked in rooms that have been completed to lessen the foot traffic.

Construction workers have built trophy cases, placed the walk in coolers for the cafeteria, and continue to finalize their work.

The stage inside the cafetorium, which is smaller and shorter compared to the Collins-Parr Elementary's cafetorium, will have a projection screen, lights and curtains, said SDISD Superintendent Dr. Samuel Bueno Bueno.

The band hall has silencers that will make the room soundproof.

“The band hall had to fit our ever growing junior high band,” Bueno said. “This is our future Vaquero band. Currently, we have more junior high band students then the high school.”

The gym was designed to fit 800 people. The gym floor has not been installed but the workers continue to make progress on wiring, painting and the installation of locker rooms and bathrooms.

As of Feb. 24, the project was 87 percent complete and has a balance of $1,929,279.92.

The project is scheduled to be 100 percent complete by April 20.

“We would like to have some end of the year ceremonies done in the new school,” Bueno stated. “But we will have to wait and see what happens.”

Students, teachers, staff and faculty, and the community are anxious for the opening of the new school. According to Dr. Bueno, some faculty and staff have already been given tours of the school.

“We are all excited and anxious to have the school completed,” Bueno said. “It's impressive.”