Two Benavides High School students entered the Duval County Fair for the first time and believe that they have learned responsibility that they can apply to other accepts of their lives.

Senior Jenniva Vasquez and Junior CristinaJo Munoz decided this year was the year to experience the fair with two female pigs.

Vasquez's pig named Sky. Sky is stubborn and loves to get her belly rubbed. Vasquez plans to be a nurse after high school.

“Because of Ski I have learned to comfort a living thing,” Vasquez said. “I regret not entering the fair sooner because Sky has shown me how it is to care for someone or something other than myself.”

Pigs have to be fed, walked and bathed regularly.

“I got Fatso when she was a baby, just a few weeks old,” Munoz said about her pig. “I learned to be patient.”

Fatso has been a challenge for Munoz.

Munoz said she loves that she has been taken out of that comfort zone everyone gets settled into.

“She challenges me daily, but because of her I know that I can handle any situation,” Munoz said.

Vasquez plans to use the money she makes from Sky for college. Munoz is undecided what is in her future and plans to give the money to her mom for safe keeping.

The girls know that parting with their pigs will be difficult but they've enjoyed every minute, every second with them.