A new partnership between Duval County officials and Texas A&M University- Kingsville began on Monday.

The partnership allows two TAMUK students to be paid interns with the county and get some first hand experience into their respective fields.

“The idea is twofold,” said County Judge Rocky Carrillo. “The first part is theory and the second is the hands-on approach.”

The two students, Esthela Trevino and David Barrera, will work with the different areas of the county such as the sheriff's office and the appraisal district for approximately one week each.

Trevino is a criminal justice major who looks forward to the more hands on aspect of law enforcement.

“I'm hoping to learn what I should expect when I graduate and get into the workforce,” Trevino stated.

The interns toured the county offices and met with personal before they started their work day.

“(Trevino) will have a chance to work with officers on patrol and get to help with booking all the way to the court system,” Carrillo said. “(Barrera) will have a chance to put a grant together and work with county officials to understand the concepts along with the daily working of each office.”

Barrera is working on a double major in History and Political Science.

“I'm walking into this knowing that everything is decentralized,” Barrera said. “I'm curious about how (the county) works and how they cope with the long expenses of land and communication of a big city. There seems to be some magic here as they seem to be working just fine. My job is to find out what that magic is.”

The interns will determine who successful the program is in order to continue the partnership.

“They will teach us what they have learned at the university,” Carrillo said. “I think the hands-on experience is worth a lot more than the 15 hours sitting in a classroom.”