A former Orange Grove police officer plead to 13 years in a Texas prison on Monday morning during the 79th District Court docket call.

Jaramillo took a plea deal of 13 years for one count of sexual assault of a child.

Jaramillo was indicted on four counts of sexual assault of a child in July 2014 for an incident that occurred in January 2014.

The victim and her family had input on the plea deal offered to Jaramillo, said Jim Wells County Assistant District Attorney Yvonne Gonzalez Toureilles.

The victim was happy and satisfied with the plea agreement, Toureilles said.

According to Sgt. Richard De Leon, justice was served for the victim and her family.

According to the police report, the teenage victim was walking down Old Airport Road on a cold South Texas night after an argument with her grandparents. The victim accepted the ride.

The 16-year-old victim called her mother from a local hotel. The mother told the officer she daughter told her that Jaramillo offered her a ride.

According to Officer Cristobal Gonzalez's report, the victim and Jaramillo ended up at the hotel were the victim was assaulted.

The victim was taken to Driscoll Children's Hospital and the Child Advocacy Center.

After the victim addressed Jaramillo in court, Jaramillo was transported to the Jim Wells County jail. As of Tuesday afternoon Jaramillo was no longer in the JWC jail.

According to jail staff, they are not allowed to release Jaramillo's current location.

Jaramillo was recently sentenced to eight months in a state jail for theft charges in Nueces County from 2013.

Other cases on the docket were:

Ester maria Alaniz for injury to a child was dismissed.

David Zuniga for driving while intoxicated was reset.

Michael James Keen for evading arrest detention was reset when his attorney was a no show.