Dear Editor,

Every election cycle, we the people are given a tremendous opportunity. We are given a voice by our vote when we choose who will represent us at all levels of government.

With that said, I find it ever so important to respectfully ask all of you to take a look in the mirror and cast your ballots March 1 for the candidates who truly represent your values. Who will be your voice in the areas they strive to serve in?

For me faith is a powerful motivator and guide. I cannot, in good conscience, support candidates or political organizations that look to secularize society and remove God from the public arena.

Similarly, all of us can agree that our family’s health and financial abilities are important to us. Their opportunity to make ends meet by finding well-paying jobs is of great importance. Thus, when looking for a candidate that best represents us, we cannot afford to support anyone who will continue to increase taxes, rates, and add to our bloating debt thus driving businesses out of town.

We all treasure our freedoms, and I believe we can all agree that America is among the freest of nations on Earth. Take a look at the positions and records of the candidates and current office holders. Those who have sought to expand the scope of government by passing regulations and ordinances rather than creating incentives for businesses (and thus jobs) to flourish, should not have our support. Especially in this economic climate, it is vital we look to leaders who will ‘’sell Alice’’ to private sector entities and incentivize them to make our home their own.

In closing, on March 1, I will vote my conscience which is guided by my convictions; Faith, Family and Freedom. I respectfully ask you to do the same.

Thank you,

Joshua R. Flores

Chairman, Jim Wells County Republican Party