Black smoke emitting from a garage on the 100 block of West Alice Street in San Diego alerted the curiosity of Duval County Deputy John Gomez.

Gomez, who was on routine patrol decided to check on the smoke.

According to the deputy, he arrived at the home and noticed a vehicle seat on fire in the garage,

Also, in the garage was a puppy on a long leash, Gomez said.

Gomez went back to his unit to get the fire extinguisher when he encountered the homeowner. The deputy requested the assistance of the San Diego Fire Department. 

Gomez said the homeowner was unaware of the fire and exited his home when he saw the red and blue lights through his window.

The deputy used the fire extinguisher on the flames while the homeowner retrieved a water hose to spray over the hotspots.

The fire department was called out to the scene. They used thermal imaging to ensure there were no hotspots.

The fire was caused by a heat lamp the homeowner put in the garage to keep the dog warm, Gomez said.

As the puppy wandered around the garage, his leash knocked over the heat lamp and fell on the vehicle seat.

There was minor damage to the garage.