Students of Dubose Intermediate School and William Adams Middle School presented their projects on Jan. 7.

The 35 students have dedicated themselves on their project taking the time to research each project.

The Junior Division History Fair Winners are as follows:

Individual Performance

1st place- Justin Pastrano with The Cultural Passing of Opposing Figures (WAMS)

2nd place- Samantha Kohler for The 1900 Galveston Hurricane: Isaac Cline and the Exploration of How Weather Devices Start (WAMS)

Group Performances

1st place- John Lemon and Miguel Gonzalez for Bohemond: Leader of the First Crusade (WAMS)

2nd place- Dalilah Maldonado, Joseph Martinez, Kaitlyn Carmona and Rene Arellano for The Columbian Exchange (WAMS)

3rd place- Tristan Salinas and Clayton Garcia for Caveza de Vaca's Explorations (Dubose)

Historical Paper

1st place- Genevieve Toureilles for Exploration and Encounters with Witchcraft Throughout History (WAMS)

2nd place- Lauren Bunch for La Salle's Journey: La Salle's Journey Down the Mississippi and into Texas (WAMS)

3rd place- Mirely Salinas for Erin Vrockovich: The Three Hundred Thirsty-Three Million Dollar Encountered (WAMS)

Individual Exhibit

1st place- Paris Chalfant for The California Gold Rush: The Discovery and the Journey (WAMS)

2nd place- Ysabella Munoz for The Bermuda Triangle Mystery (WAMS)

3rd place- Daisy Untermeyer for Pop Art: The Exchange of Culture (WAMS)

Group Exhibit

1st place- Jerrilyn Carmona and Emma Ruiz for Exploring Reform and Encountering Inequalities: Hull House (WAMS)

2nd place- Tristan Resendez and Noah Villarreal for Evolution of Robotics (WAMS)

3rd place- Mya Cruz and Leah Barrera for Encounters of Colon Cancer (WAMS)

Individual Documentary

1st place- Madison Timmons for The Invention of the Internet (WAMS)

2nd place- Sofia Pressley for The Exploration of a Cure for Polio (Dubose)

Group Documentary

1st place- Daniela Ruiz and Chloe Ramirez for Let's Paint History with Pop Art (WAMS)

2nd place- Lydia Villesca and Avery Lopez for Start of an Era: Gansta Rap (WAMS)

Individual Website

1st place- Aidan Salinas for Transcontinental Railroad (WAMS)

2nd place- Aidan Garcia for Evolution of Military Working Dogs (Dubose)

3rd place- Kayla Hernandez for Apollo 11 (WAMS)

Group Website

1st place- Spencer Fox and Ethan Hayslip for The Exploration, Encounter, Exchange of the Spanish and Aztecs (WAMS)

2nd place- Jesaiah Torres and Thomas Vigil for Charles Babbage: The Creation of the Computer (WAMS)