It started when one of their classmates collapsed. Isaias Pedilla, Robert Reyna, and Jacob Gonzalez sprung to action to come to the classmate's aid. "They went above and beyond to help their fellow student," said Navy JROTC Lt. Commander Joe Harmon. The young men selflessly provided invaluable assistance to LTCR Harmon, as well as directed first responders when they arrived on the scene.
It was their expedience and willingness to help that led to these students being awarded the Cadet Achievement Ribbon, the second highest personal ribbon that can be awarded to a NJROTC cadet. The emergency happened quickly and due to their direct actions, the cadet was well cared for until trained medical personnel could arrive.
The Cadet Achievement Ribbon is only given out by the NJROTC Area 10 Manager for the State of Texas and is rarely awarded. Isaias Pedilla, Robert Reyna, and Jacob Gonzalez have earned their ribbons due to their assistance which was an great example of superior cadet performance.