The morning was brisk and bright without a cloud in the sky Saturday.  Crowds gathered along Main Street in eager anticipation for the coming of the parade that signals the beginning of the 81st Annual Nueces County Livestock Show.

The parade was led by local and county law enforcement members including Sheriff Jim Kaelin in a bright red, art deco style Chevy pickup from the early 1940's.  They were followed by other first responders from the various fulltime and volunteer fire departments bringing all sorts of trucks used to keep the public safe.

Sitting at the eastern end of Main St were the four judges patiently waiting as each group went by.

Local businesses such as Ainsworth Trucking and the Lone Star Country Store were represented with a miniature tractor-trailer and a small covered wagon being pulled by a donkey, respectively.

There were also pickups and flatbed trailers aplenty filled with students from area clubs such as FFA, 4H and others as well as civic groups like the Shriners.  2015 NCJLS Queen Bailey McLendon rode atop the bed of a large Ram Dualie 4x4, and there could be no parade without a trailer full of the young ladies hoping to be crowned queen during Saturday evening's contest.

Other featured groups were various classic cars, lowriders, and even a large group of men, women and children riding horseback.  There was even a rider on a longhorn.

The families up and down the street had a great time as many of the passersby gently threw out candy for the children and waved.  Many of the local incumbent politicians as well as their political rivals were out trying to garner more support for their campaigns and votes in the upcoming election.

All of this was done with the participation of the City of Robstown and the services that were provided by Officer Champion who rode a police motorcycle up and down to keep the citizens safe and the two trucks with city workers picking up the barricades and cones that blocked off Main St for the parade.

The parade was a wonderful kickoff to the rest of the competitions for the next week to come.