Letter to Editor:

A few months ago, the King Ranch (KR), along with its Board of Directors, were awarded 11.66 additional acres by the appellate court in San Antonio. This increased their acreage to an estimated (+/-) 875,011.66. Upon this decision, the KR was able to continue the erection of their new 8 foot tall game proof fence. In my opinion, the negative impact an 8 foot fence may cause on foliage patterns of white tail deer and other South Texas game could possibly generate serious issues for all, with possible significant safety consequences.

This high fence is in an East/West direction near Ben Bolt and appears to have stopped all North/South wildlife movement along CR 2508, only allowing East/West movement of the wildlife to the surrounding highways such as Highway 281, FM 70 and FM 1355. These highways are heavily used as a gateway to and from Deep South Texas, including many students from the surrounding areas attending Texas A&M Kingsville. With the fencing contributing to this new forced foliage pattern, more and more wildlife (including deer and hogs) may well be encountering motorists more frequently than normal – a serious hazard not only to the wildlife but to you and your families on the road.

If you are reading this article, please caution your family, friends and coworkers who frequent these roads of this new situation. The rut is upon us, and wildlife movement caused by this new 8 foot game proof fence may very well dramatically affect how we live, do business and travel in this area.

Major decisions affecting the “State’s Wildlife” should bring “Accountability” to any corporation and or a private land owner. I urge you to contact the King Ranch directly if you feel uncomfortable with the possible impact of this new situation, as they should be held responsible for the consequences of their actions.

David Saenz

Grapevine, Texas