A humming sound overhead could be heard Friday as sheriff officers and Ben Bolt firemen gathered to witness a demonstration of the sheriff's department newest addition.

Jim Wells county sheriff's office purchased two state-of-art drones to assist deputies with different scenarios.

The drones tag price came in at $4,000 for both, each equipped with high-end camera and easy remote control accessories. The funds were from the drug-forfeiture account.

The first demonstrations were conducted at the Training Center on Stadium Road and at fairgrounds. All eyes were towards the sky as the white Phantom made its debut handled by Lt. Rey Aguilar.

"This is an instrument that can be utilized by both departments," said Sheriff Oscar Lopez.

"The information that this equipment can get us is where it can go and that's in the air...to fight crime to help us out in fires, or if we are looking for somebody in the brush."

Lopez said the second drone is being loaned out to Ben Bolt Volunteer Fire Department, but is available to other entities when needed. Deputies will go through training soon to learn the legalities of using a drone. 

Officers said the drone can also be used to found missing elderly who may have wandered off.

"An extra set of eyes in the sky," said Chief Deputy Louie Valadez. "This helps us cover a lot more ground and be able to see a wider panoramic view."