The San Diego Volunteer Fire Firefighters continue to make saving lives at the top of their list. The department ended 2015 and began 2016 with training.

The firefighters continue to work with new purchased rescue tools to be prepared for any and all emergency situations.

Crews perform fun challenges to improve on their communication, dexterity and efficiency with extrication.

The purpose of the training for the new volunteers helps get them acquired with the equipment before getting to an actual fire or rescue, and up to speed. For the experienced firefighter it is a chance to refresh their skills, stated Asst. Chief Juan Soliz.

The men and women urged to take their time to master the tools during the training sessions.

Training also gives the men and women a chance to check the equipment, Soliz said.

A variety of training exercises are performed during meetings such as how to administer first aid, how to stabilize patient until paramedics arrive, hose handling, and what tools will do what job.

In a few months, some of the firefighters will head for training in Edinburg in February and College Station in March.