On Tuesday, January 5th, Ms. Yvette DeLeon’s Business Law class from Alice High School attended a field trip to the Jim Wells County Courthouse. They sat in on criminal cases ranging from assault of an officer to burglary.

After all the cases on the docket were complete, several attorneys, investigators, the court reporter and Judge Richard Terrell spoke with the class about pursuing a future in law and the importance of an education in general. It was a great experience for students interested in the legal process or careers in law enforcement.

The field trip was made possible through coordination between the Business Law Class and David Guerrero who is currently serving as the district clerk. This is the second year that educator Yvette DeLeon has been able to have her students sit in on trials.

Sonia G. Trevino, the court reporter spoke with the students about careers in court reporting, which is currently a two-year program. The students were also shown how to input every word that is said in the courtroom on a stenotype device.

Ruben Tijerina, attorney at law, also had a chance to speak to students about pursuing a career in law and provided the students with pamphlets which included additional information.

"I believe that the experience helps the students," DeLeon said. "In a personal aspect, they realize that they need to make the right choices in life so that they do not end up in a circumstance such as those who had to be in court."