Saturday, December 5, the high school region band competition was held at the Alice High School. Many musicians from schools in the surrounding areas, individually competed against each other.

Representing Alice High School, six students moved on to the area competition. The six students were Marcella Chapa (flute), Jayme Reyna (flute), Lee Estrada (clarinet), Andres Gonzalez (trumpet), Michael Torres (trombone), and Rosalee Mendoza (tuba).

We had the opportunity to speak with Andres Gonzalez who had the following to say:

Q- How hard was it to get to area?

A- Getting to area was hard work. It took me months of practicing in order to play everything correct. It also took a lot of thought to overcome my nerves in the audition room.

Q- Do you plan on pursuing a musical career beyond high school?

A- I do plan on becoming a music major and hopefully one day play in an orchestra or teach music.

Q- What motivates you?

A- Success, and knowing that all my hard work will pay off in the end.

Q- Are you excited for area?

A- I am excited for area and I will be working hard to make it my best audition yet.