“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

Karl Lagerfeld, a Paris photographer and designer, said that. He’s right too. The click of a camera can immortalize a fleeting moment in time that otherwise would only exist in the mind’s eye.

In sports photography, a well-done photograph can capture an instant full of excitement, beauty, intensity, athleticism and raw emotion; it’s a moment that lives only in the smallest fraction of a second.

At the same time, a simple sports image can capture a solemn moment before a game or between plays that maybe no else sees. That’s the case with one of my favorite newspaper images of the year. It was a shot of the Alice Coyotes huddled up in a team prayer before a crucial game against Gregory-Portland. It was a game that Alice needed to get into the playoffs.

Although the stadium was packed that night, it was silent in the locker room under the visitors side of the stadium as Alice coach Chris Soza led the team in prayer. It’s one of those moments that most people don’t get to see, but I think it displays some of the emotion, passion and conviction that surrounds high school football.

Another such image was one that I was lucky enough to stumble upon. Following a San Diego Lady Vaqueros win in the state basketball playoffs, head coach Rubert Canales Jr. was congratulated by his dad and San Diego basketball coaching legend Rupert Canales Sr. They embraced and the elder Canales offered some quick advice. It happened so fast that I snapped it with only with my iPhone. It’s significant because the elder Canales coached generations of San Diego basketball players, and the young Canales has since left coaching.

One of my other favorite sports images of 2015 was shot in San Diego. Actually, it was over San Diego. Using a drone, I was lucky enough to capture an image over Vaqueros Stadium during halftime of the San Diego-Mathis state playoff game which I believe shows a lot of the grandeur of high school athletics in Texas. The use of drones over such venues and around groups of people isn’t recommended, so it’s important to add that the photograph was taken with the drone flying to the side of the stadium. Even still, the drone drew the ire of a handful of Duval County deputies who quickly grounded my flight.

There were many other great sports images throughout the year. These were just a couple.