It’s common in high school football to see a young man follow in his older brothers’ footsteps.

It’s also not unheard of to see a him excel just like his older siblings. It happens all the time in the sport.

However, Alice High School senior Levi Lopez’s quest to be like his brothers Louie and Logan is unique and definitely a rarity. See, it not only required the younger Lopez to undergo the physical and emotional demands and the long hours of a senior year of high school football. It also meant he had to maintain one of the highest grade point averages of his graduating class.

And like most great sports tales, Lopez’s ends with glory. The youngest of the Lopez boys was awarded the George Draper Academic Award for this season, which is an honor bestowed annually to the senior on the Coyote football team with the highest GPA. It’s an honor that both Louie and Logan also won before him.

Louie won the award following the 2005 football season and went on to graduate in 2006 as Alice High School’s valedictorian. Logan won the honor after the 2010 season. He graduated third in his class in 2011.

Levi has a grade point average of 5.18. He is currently ranked No. 9 in his graduating class. He was a starting guard on the offensive line for the Coyotes this season.

Lopez said winning the academic award was something he strived for since his freshman year.

“I wouldn’t say there was pressure, but I just knew I had to always do my best because there was history there by my brothers,” Levi said. “A lot of teachers and faculty had high expectations for me. It gave me a lot of goals to work towards.”

Lopez now plans to finish the school year and purse a business and marketing degree from the University of Texas in Austin. And if he plans on continuing to follow his Louie and Logan, he still has a lot to live up to. Louie graduated from Harvard in in 2011 with a degree in economics and Logan graduated from Texas with a degree in business management and sociology.

“It’s all about time management,” Levi said. “You have to discipline yourself and learn not to hold things off for the last minute.”