Duval County Sheriff Romeo Ramirez and his staff are once again taking a stand against game rooms operating within Duval County.

“I want the citizens of Duval County to know that I stand by my previous stance on eight liners operating within Duval County,” Ramirez stated.

In March of 2013 the Duval County Sheriff's Office shut down several eight liners that were operated in the county after a lengthy investigation discovered illegal payouts.

Under current law Section 47.01(4)(B) of the Penal Code, if the eight liner is used only for amusement purposes and awards the player with non-cash merchandise or vouchers to redeem novelty items it is legal.

However, many game room owners find ways to give clients cash. Most payouts are under the table or in this particular case clients are given directions to were they can receive cash.

The sheriff's office received information about an establishment opening just outside the City of San Diego.

We are in the primary stages of the investigation and have discovered that illegal cash payouts have occurred, officials said.

“Through the investigation investigators discovered that another establishment in the city limits of San Diego was giving cash to the eight liner clients,” Ramirez said. “The other establishment claims to buy silver. However, they only buy the silver 'beads' given to eight liner clients.”

The other establishment is leased to the same owner of the game room, according to county officials.

“This office nor myself will allow the operation of illegal eight liners in Duval County,” Ramirez stated. “ Anyone wishing to operate the establishment illegally will face the full extent of the law which includes the seizure of property and gambling devices.”

As of Dec. 23 the game room was closed.

Anyone found operating a game room faces several charges that include criminal conspiracy, engaging in organized criminal activity, gambling paraphernalia and keeping a gambling place.