With the Holiday and the winter season officially started the Alice Fire Department wants everyone to have safety as number one on the priority list.

Christmas lights are hung, candles are lit and heaters will soon be in need, but these items can also cause fires if used improperly.

Firefighters responded to a house fire on Monday on the 900 block of South Johnson Street that was caused by a lit candle left on the windowsill of a room, according to Alice Fire Marshal Patrick Thomas.

The neighbors alerted 9-1-1 and the family was able to escape the home without injuries. There was minor damage to the home.

However, not all fires end the same. Fires can be deadly and costly.

Some basic safety knowledge to keep in mind this season are:

1. Candles should never be left unattended. If a candle is in use someone should be in the room at all times.

2. Do not place candles on a windowsill or near any flammable items such as paper, curtains, clothing etc. Candles should not be placed on a shelf.

3. Make sure Christmas lights and space heaters have the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) seal on them. The seal means that the product was been tested for malfunctions and have been approved for safety.

4. Before installing lights, inspect all cords and lights closely. Repair or replace any frayed or bare wires, loose connections and cracked or broken sockets. Make sure every socket on your strings of lights has a bulb in it, whether it lights up or not.

5. All heaters should be on stable ground and never on extension cords. The should not be any objects in a three foot radius around the entire heater.

6. Keep a portable fire extinguisher in the home.

Many fires are preventable by following simple safety tips.

For further information or to have firefighters do a courtesy safety check of your home call 361-664-3113.