A large crane that was being used at Noonan Elementary on Monday, Dec. 21 by Johnson Control as part of repairs to the air condition system caused water damage to a part of the school.

According to Fire Marshal Patrick Thomas, workers attempted to remove an old ac handler when it got stuck on the sprinkler system.

The employee pulled the crane which caused the pipes to break.

According to school officials, the sprinkler line attached to the unit was installed incorrectly and when the crane lifted up it broke the water pipe.

As the ceiling filled with water the ceiling tiles began to fall into a back hall, Thomas stated.

There was some water damage to the inside of the building.

According to Willie Ruiz, Director of Operations for Alice Independent School District, six classroom carpets and bookshelves got wet.

The water was turned off immediately and maintenance crews cleaned up the water. 

Ruiz stated that Johnson Controls would pay for all damages to the school.

No injuries were reported and no citations were given.