Alice school officials have closed an investigation on a substitute teacher who was accused of inappropriate behavior in the classroom.

The alleged incident occurred in October and was reported by law enforcement students to school administrators.

The law enforcement students at Alice High School stated that while their regular teacher was out on personal leave on Oct. 1 and 2 they had a female substitute who viewed inappropriate photos with a male student. The students also stated the substitute let the male student touch her breast.

Several student witnesses text their regular teacher when the incident happened.

According to the students, the teacher also spoke inappropriately of the regular teacher and at one point she laid down on some pillars in the classroom.

The district met with the substitute on Oct. 6 to listen to her side of the story.

She admitted to the negative comments about the law enforcement teacher, but denied looking at inappropriate pictures and letting the students touch her breast.

On Oct. 7, Dr. Alejandro Gonzalez, Alice High School principal interviewed approximately 10 students.

According to his interview notes, several students interviewed stated he had seen a female student touch the substitute's chest through the outside of the clothing and another said he witnessed a male student touch the substitute's breast.

Gonzalez's notes also state that two law enforcement junior officers saw the inappropriate photos.

According to a letter from Superintendent Dr. Grace Everett, the teacher and the male student in question stated the student attempted to remove lint from the substitute's clothing.

The male student who is alleged to have touched the substitute was interviewed by Dr. Gonzalez and told the principal he had laid his hand above the substitute's breast more than once, but it happened outside of the school, according to Gonzalez's notes.

School officials then notified the parents.

Dr. Gonzalez contacted Child Protective Services.

According to information provided by the district, Dr. Gonzalez received a phone call on Oct. 9 from CPS that stated the case was most likely not going to be assigned a caseworker.

The substitute in question has been permanently removed from the district's substitute list.