Two men were charged with the October murders of Marcelino Guerra and Robert Mata on Tuesday.

The Jim Wells County Sheriff's Department held a press conference to announce the arrests in connection with the double homicide.

Michael Castro, 19, and 18-year-old Andres Garza were charged with two counts of capital murder for the deaths of Guerra, 50, and Mata, 53.

Castro was also charged with arson for torching the victim's truck.

Guerra and Mata were found deceased on Oct. 20 at 5:16 p.m. on County Road 464 near Green Acres. The men had gone to the area to cut heavy brush.

“(The suspects) were looking for a vehicle to steal,” said Asst. Chief Deputy Brandon Torres. “They stole the vehicle belonging to the two victims.”

The suspects left the murder scene with the victim's gray 2001 Chevrolet Silverado. Investigators found the stolen vehicle engulfed in flames the day after the murders on County Road 148 near San Diego.

According to Torres, the investigation revealed the suspects were in the vicinity of County Road 464 searching for a vehicle to steal.

“They saw the individuals and the opportunity to steal the vehicle,” Torres said. “We've been working at this case for the last 57 days and last night we worked all night long to get a warrant on these two individuals.”

The JWC Sheriff's Department worked closely with the District Attorney's Office and the Texas Rangers. Information from a credible individual led investigators to the property on Farm-to-Market 625.

A search warrant was executed on a property on Farm-to-Market 625 between the double homicide and the arson crime scenes, Torres stated.

Investigators recovered a tailgate from the stolen truck, a rifle and an ice chest that belonged to the victims.

“We were able to recover critical pieces of evidence that we were missing,” Torres said.

District Attorney Carlos Garcia said the victims' families can now have some closure.

“Unfortunately, no matter how much justice comes out of a court, when you're dealing with somebody's life that's been lost, there's nothing that the court system nothing that the judicial system can do to bring that person back,” Garcia stated.

There may be developments in the future, Torres stated.

Castro and Garza were also arrested by the Alice Police Department in connection with the aggravated robbery at Sutherland's, which occurred on Oct. 21.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Castro is in the JWC jail and Garza at an undisclosed, offsite location, officials said.