For the first five minutes of the game, the Tuloso-Midway Cherokees simply couldn’t get anything going against the Alice Lady Coyotes.

Alice didn’t runaway with the game, but they built a decent lead.

Then, as if they turned on a switch, the Cherokees came back in the final two minutes of the period. They didn’t blowout the Lady Coyotes, but they played well enough down the stretch to beat Alice, 39-28.

Tuloso-Midway junior Jaime Horman scored 11, including 10 in the third period, and Alycen Hoelscher had 8 to pace the Cherokees.

Jangle Castillo had a big night for the Lady Coyotes. She scored a game-high 13 points. She had six in the first period alone. And it was that first period push that helped the Lady Coyotes to an early 8-2 led with about two minutes remaining.

The Cherokees’ slow start could be blamed on a barrage of off-their-mark three-pointers which they launched early on. Once they loosened the Lady Coyotes’ defense, they began driving the lane and picking up easy shots. Tuloso-Midway totaled 14 points to Alice’s five in the second period. Hoelscher had four in the second period.

After scoring nine in the first period, Alice was unable to get on track. They finished with five points in the second and another five in the third. They closed the gap in the fourth by scoring nine.