Students and parents at Saint Elizabeth Catholic School kicked off their involvement into the 100 Mile Club on Monday afternoon.

The 100 Mile Club is a national non-profit organization that identifies and rewards creative, impactful and scalable school-based programs and technologies that promote children's physical activity.

Parents had the opportunity to walk side-by-side with their children as they circled the walking track.

“We wanted to get the kids away from the TV and electronics,” said Carolina Nisimblat, Chair of the Health and Active Lifestyle Committee. “We are encouraging our children to learn skills and instill habits that can help them to be physically active and healthy over a lifetime.”

The 100 Mile Club generally starts at the beginning of each school year to give students the opportunity to reach the 100 mile goal. However, St. Elizabeth students have approximately six months to reach the goal.

“We will be celebrating success every 25 miles on their journey to 100 miles,” Nisimblat said.

At the 25 mile mark, students will receive a unique Mile Club T-shirt, a Golden pencil earned at 50 miles, wristband earned at 75 miles, final year-end certificate for all participants celebrating their success and a custom 100 mile club gold medal with neckband, for those who reach their mile goal for end of the year medal ceremony.

Before the kick-off occurred the committee had to repair the walking track. With the help of local organizations and parents, the committee raised approximately $4,000 and had the repairs completed in time for Monday's kick off.

“We can make a difference in the education, health and welfare of our children,” Nisimblat stated. “Our children need physical activity to build strength, coordination and confidence.”

SES students will participate in 100 mile program twice a week during their physical education classes and twice a week after school.

According to Nisimblat, students will participate in city events such as the City's 5K run every first Saturday of the month.

“Our school aims to increase opportunities for kids to be physically active, both in and out of school and to create new opportunities for families to move together,” Nisimbalt said.