The We Believe Committee recognized the employees of Alice Independent School District on Tuesday at the Central Office for their hard work.

“We thank you and I appreciate everything you do," said Alice Superintendent Dr. Grace Everett. "It's all a team effort and we can't do it without you.”

The committee recognized the maintenance, athletic groundskeepers, secretaries, director of operations and the security department.

“Every single employee has to do their part for it to come together,” Everett said.

Faculty and staff honored were Veronica J. Almaraz, Ralph Barrera, Justin Canales-Garza, Jose F. Cavazos, Jesus Contreras, Daniel D. Davidson, Crecencio V. Galvan, Ramon Garcia, Javier E. Garza, Gary Gonzalez, Max Gonzalez, Victor Gonzalez, Oscar Longoria, David Munoz, Evangelina Salinas, Abelardo Sanchez, Eugenio Soliz, Frank Tamez, Juan Vela, Eddie De Leon, Ruben Morin, Norberto Ortega, Ronnie Perez, Liz Canales, Margie Lopez, Britanie Garcia, Guillermo Ruiz, Rene Gonzalez, Mirelda Juarez, Joe Nino, Matthew Ramos, Marcos Ortiz, Javier Reyna, Rolando Salinas, Tamra Garcia, Andy Chavarria and Billy Riojas.