Law enforcement students at Alice High School got a unique lesson from their substitute teacher in October and it had nothing to do with any curriculum subject.

According to students, their regular teacher was out on personal leave on Oct. 1 and 2 when the female substitute walked into their classroom.

According to one law enforcement student, he was in the class in a back office with other students when they heard students get “rowdy.”

The student stated in an incident report to the Alice High School that he observed a male student, who did not belong in the class, show inappropriate photos to the substitute and the students.

“She (the substitute) let (the student) show the photos and kept telling him she wanted to see,” one of the law enforcement students said.

Another student that was in the class agreed with the accusations.

“When the sub was gone everyone started talking about what had happened,” a second law enforcement student said. “She let (the student who did not belong in the class) sit on the desk by her. The other students said that he was then allowed to touch (the substitute's) breast.”

Several students began to text their regular teacher about what had occurred.

“He always tells us that if he's absent to call him if anything goes wrong,” the second student stated. “Many of us started texting him letting him know what was going on.”

According to law enforcement students, the teacher spoke inappropriately of the their regular teacher and at one point she laid down on pillars in the classroom.

“We had to tell her that what she was doing was wrong,” student one said. “She's the educator and we shouldn't have to remind her of her job.”

Dr. Alejandro Gonzalez, high school principal, was notified of the incident through email.

Gonzalez did not return phone calls for comment. 

“He talked to me and asked what happened,” student one said. “He said he'd look into the situation, but no one heard anything after that.”

Alice school district Superintendent Dr. Grace Everett responded via email about the students' allegations against the substitute teacher.

“I cannot confirm or deny any incident with the substitute,” she wrote.

According to Dr. Everett's email, any time serious allegations are reported, the parents of the victims or others involved directly in the incident are notified and informed.

“In some cases, the police department is notified or Child Protective Services,” she stated via email.

Dr. Everett did not confirm or deny that an investigation was conducted. However, she stated that when allegations are made against employees they follow due process standards and a formal investigation is initiated.

As of Friday morning, the school district has not reported the incident to the Alice Police Department and no arrests have been made, police confirmed.