Two La Porte residents were recently arrested by Duval County Sheriff's Deputies in connection with the January synthetic marijuana seizure that occurred just three miles south of Ramirez.

58-year-old Naomi Casarez and 53-year-old Timothy Dale Adams were arrested after a thorough investigation by authorities.

The Duval County Sheriff's Department, Duval Task Force and the Alice Police Department executed search warrants which lead to a seizure of synthetic marijuana valued at more than $135,000. According to sheriff officials, agents seized 6,890 grams of synthetic marijuana.

Also found on the property were precursors such as acetone, nail polish remover, and coloring chemicals which are used to make the substance and UPS packaging material that was shipped from China.

Other items seized were farm equipment with tampered serial numbers which agents believe may be stolen along with a tractor-trailer.

According to American Association of Poison Control Center, synthetic marijuana can be extremely dangerous and addictive. Health effects from the drug can be life-threatening and can include severe agitation and anxiety, fast, racing heartbeat and higher blood pressure, seizures and tremors, suicidal and other harmful thoughts and/or actions.

Casarez and Adams were charged with manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance and engaging in criminal activity.

As of Monday afternoon, the two individuals had been released on bond. The investigation is ongoing.