The Hillcrest Elementary faculty and staff were recently recognized for their countless hours of hard work and dedication improving the lives of their students.

"Their education starts with the foundation you are providing," said Marissa Utley, Alice Ambassadors.

Month after month your campus has been committed to a tradition of excellence which has developed and refined active and creative thinker, said Martha Salazar, Director of Instructional Services.

"We want to thank you for your hard work and all you do for our children," said Juan Najevar, Alice Chamber of Commerce.

Faculty and staff honored were Monica Morales-Garcia, Rebecca Rubio, Dalia Maldonado, Ashley Moreno, Ashley Ramirez, Edna Escobar, Gracie Salinas, Linda Gutierrez, Gloria Perez, Maricruz Zapata, Vanessa Baker, Shari Holdforth, Alicia Rivadeneyra, David Hunter, Melissa Ortiz, Brenda Tunchez, Melisa Garcia-Garcia, Candi Blair, Laura Mora, Robert Rivera, Jan Young, Stephanie Lozano, Edna Yzaguirre, Cynthia Lopez, Priscilla Santos, Rosie Botello, Margo Garcia, and Barbara Koenning.