Alice police arrest a man for possession.

A man was arrested Wednesday afternoon for possession on the 120 block of Olmito Street.

Alice Police Officer Isaac Salinas responded to a complainant call. The reporting party stated that Bobby Foster who was wearing a black shirt and black shorts had been bothering him at his apartment, report stated.

Salinas had seen a man fitting the description of Foster on the 1100 block of East Front Street on his way to Olmito Street.

The officer went to look for Foster and made contact with him. Foster told the officer he had not been to the reporting party's residence and had not spoke to the reporting party.

A pat down was conducted for officer safety. According to the report, Salinas saw a brown synthetic marijuana cigarette that was partially burnt where Foster had been seated upon his arrival.

Foster was detained in the back of Salinas' unit as they went back to the reporting party's residence to get the story straight.

According to the reporting party Foster has a criminal trespass warning for the area but no one else saw Foster.

Salinas transported Foster to the Jim Wells County jail and charged him with possession of a controlled substance.