Alice City Council has officially made a final offer of $134,000 to David Vela to fill the city manager position.

After executive session in Tuesday's meeting, Councilman Pete Beltran made a motion to authorize an offer to Vela within council ranges and perimeters.

Councilman Ron Burke was against the motion, but the other councilmen voted for the offer to be authorized, passing the motion.

"I voted nay because I feel that the offer is too costly for our city where many residents are facing layoffs and our revenues are declining sharply," Burke said. "We need to be taking expenditure reductions and not trying to justify increases."

Vela's salary will include $500 a month for car allowance, benefits equal to all other city employees and a 12-month severance pay out.

In the council's last meeting, Mayor Ike Ornelas said the council had The city of Alice budgeted $127,000 for the city manager position.

Beltran said the increase is due to the fact that Vela will be wearing another hat other than city manager.

The council is giving Vela a difference for the Risk Manager position and the other money that was set aside to hire for the position will be put into the general fund.

If Vela accepts, his starting date will be Nov. 30.