Alice ISD invites the community and surrounding areas to the fourth annual parent conference.

Come join the excitement at the 4th Annual Parental Involvement Conference being held on Saturday, Oct. 17 at the Alice High School from 8 a.m. till 1:30 p.m. The Alice Independent School District invites parents to come discover the various means by which they can enable their children to be successful in school and beyond. Parents will enjoy a Saturday filled with enjoyable, engaging and informational presentations and will be treated to a free breakfast, free lunch and numerous door prizes. Free child-care for Alice ISD school children ages four to 11 will be provided.

The theme this year is “Oh, Parents! The Places They’ll Go!” Children need their parents or a special someone to take an interest in their educational career. For some children that special person can be a parent, but also a grandparent, aunt, uncle, teacher, coach or a family friend. We invite our parents and community members to come learn and discover how they can help their children have successful learning experiences.

This year Alice ISD invites the surrounding school districts of Ben Bolt – Palito Blanco, Benavides, San Diego and Orange Grove. 

This year the conference will feature Ronny Cabrera – a dynamic and energetic former English-ESL teacher, coach and currently a principal for La Joya ISD College and Career Center. Early in his life, Ronny learned some tough lessons, but also discovered how to turn the negatives he confronted into positive learning experiences. Through dedication, commitment and self-discipline, he has learned to deal with adversity. In August, 2005, he began to communicate his passion for teaching and coaching to thousands of people throughout the United States. He truly believes that people with passion can change the world! Cabrera will be presenting at 9:30 a.m. at the Bryce Taylor Theater for the Performing Arts at Alice High School.

Some topics to be presented are Science Experiments You Can do at Home, Supporting Students with Behavioral Challenges, Dual Credit Opportunities at Coastal Bend College, Having Fun with Reading Activities, Applying for Financial Aid, Healthy Meal Options and Cyber-Safety and Cyber-bulling.